The Intellectual History of the City
Reasearch Group in Moral and Political Philosophy - Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Modern Western political thought is obsessed with the state. However, since Aristotle, it is obvious that the primary scale for human politics is the city (town, polis, city-state, etc). While modern and post-modern challenges to the state opened up new, even wider vistas (empire, global governance), the local is still very much in the shadow in theory and in practice as well. The Reasearch Group in Moral and Political Philosophy of the Institute of Philosophy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences started this research project to bring the intellectual history and political theory of the city back to scholarly and public discussion.

Ferenc Hörcher


Polgári öntudat, városfejlesztés és önkormányzati modellek Magyarországon és Európában. A közepes és kisebb városok példája

Balatonfüred, 2018. április 6-7.


Hamlet in Wittenberg: Civic and Princely Education in Early Modern Europe

Budapest, September 28-29, 2018

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